Do i need Table Zero QR code?
Yes, if you provide take-out or take-away service.
Do i need to have a PayPal Business Account?

Yes, if you would like your customer to pay through The MenuZ Mobile app. otherwise, they’ll need to pay at your cashier or ask for the bill.

Another need: as PayPal is your secured payment service provider, the Business account provides PayPal’s Secret Key and Client ID which are required to link your customers’ payments to your PayPal account.

How can i get PayPal’s secret key and client ID?

Follow the below steps:

  2. login with your PayPal Business credentials
How can I get The MenuZ up and running in my Cafe’ or Restaurant?

Fill up “Join The MenuZ” short form, you will receive a verification email, make sure to check the Junk mailbox, click on the verification link, then your temporary password will be sent to your email address, LogIn, and start building up your digital menu, Tables’ QR codes, servers, and cooks.

Team The MenuZ, is always available to support you on Get Help


How to contact The MenuZ Support team?

Click on “Get Help” at the bottom and fill up the easy form describing the issue.

I didn’t receive the Credentials email?

Check the Junk mail box, it may land there.

The Credentials email is automatically generated and sent to the email address you’ve provided while registering.

I didn’t receive the Verification email?

Check the Junk mail box, it may land there.

The Verification email is automatically generated and sent to the email address you’ve provided while registering.

What is Table Zero?

Table Zero QR code is for your Take-Out orders, Feel free to locate it at your take-away corner, so your customers will scan it, place their order, and add their name.

How The MenuZ Work

The MenuZ solution acts as your E-waiter and E-cashier, manages the orders and personalizes them, displays the orders to your cook, notifies the customer and the waiter when the order is ready to be served, and gives your customer the option to evaluate the service and add tip.
You will have the option to depend on The MenuZ Solution solely, or run The MenuZ alongside with your team.
The MenuZ does not require to be integrated to your POS. You also don’t need to invest in tablets on the tables.
In order to provide a world class, reliable, fast, and secure service The MenuZ end-to-end solution is hosted on Amazon Web Services platform (AWS) and is integrated with PayPal and Stripe as payment service providers.


Join The MenuZ

1- Start by clicking on “Add your Restaurant” and filling “Join the MenuZ” short form.
2- You will receive a verification email with the verification link.
3- Your username and password will then be sent for you to log in.
4- Log in using the provided username and password.

Create your Digital Menu

1- Create Station or Cook user(s).
2- Define the categories such as best selling, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Hot Drinks, and more…
3- Input your menu items, assign each item to a cook or station, add a short description, ingredients, sizes, options, sub options, calories, price, and more…
4- Add a photo and a short video per item, and let your customers see all the delicious items you are offering.

Print the QR codes

1- Start creating QR codes depending on how many tables you have.
2- Print QR codes which will also indicate the table number, place them on respective tables.
3- Print Table Zero QR code and place it at “take out” spot.
4- You can always reprint them as they are saved in your account.

Serve and Standout

1- Create user name and password for your crew of servers and cooks.
2- Assign any group of tables to the responsible server(s).
3- You are all done, Enjoy your smart move.
4- Feel free to contact our support team by clicking on “Get Help”.

Scan QR code

1- Greet and seat your Guests and ask them to scan their table’s QR code using their smart phones camera to start browsing your Menu.
2- The MenuZ mobile app. will automatically launch showing your menu with all the provided details.

Customize and place order

 Your customer will:
1- Select the items, customize them, see their photo, and short video.
2- Place the order, and choose to pay through The MenuZ app or at your Cashier.
3- Receive the receipt by email.

Bon Appetit

1- Your customer will receive notification when their order is ready.
2- The MenuZ will run one question survey, asking your customer “How did you see our service?” and provide you with the feedback.